• Truck ScaleVehicle number recognition system
Korea Environment Corporation Incheon Gajwa Office
Weighing system and vehicle number recognition device linkage
High-performance vehicle number recognition device is linked to provide efficient weighing system such as in/out vehicle management.
Infrared LED is built in to enable vehicle number recognition in the night time.
Vehicle number recognition system specifications
1. Camera : 1.3 million pixel, infrared LED built-in
2. Recognition rate : Less than 0.5 seconds, 98% or higher
Weighing system and electric sign linkage
The contents indicated on the electric sign is also shown in the large-size display installed in the office for easy checking. Tolerance is set and carry-in amount is check to be automatically indicated, and the carry-in vehicle can be limited through the screen on the electric sign.
Electric sign specifications
1. 128 x 128 12 lines, Title 1 line
2. 3-color, outdoor, top luminance Korean electric sign

Large-size display specifications
1. 55" LED monitor
2. FULL HD, smart touch remote controller
Unattended weighing software
User oriented convenience and efficiency in weighing are maximized to be developed appropriately for various work environments.
Unattended weighing panel specifications
1. 3-stage display
2. RFID card, thermal printer applied
3. Temperature sensitive fan, heater built-in
4. Automatic announcement
Unmanned car identification Operation touch screen Car number recognizer
Vehicle front shoot Vehicle Rear shoot Vehicle load shoot
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