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The IND560 PDX™ is unique because, unlike any other terminal, it immediately notifies your operator of cell failure or breach before inaccurate weight causes you to lose money. Unlike conventional systems which can require hours of trouble-shooting when a failure occurs, the IND560 PDX interfaces with the new METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL™ PDX™ load cells to provide real-world diagnostic information. This information allows a technician to analyze your scale's health and, in the unlikely event of a failure, quickly find and replace the failed component, to get the system up and running in just minutes.

Features and Benefits
  • IND560 PDX terminal with POWERCELL™ PDX™ load cells - provides the industry's highest accuracy.
  • Proactive monitoring of diagnostic information from individual cells, without the need for maintenance-prone external analog-to-digital converter boxes.
  • Precision diagnostics reduce technician repair time to minutes instead of hours.
  • Enjoy excellent visibility at a distance. A large, bright vacuum fluorescent display provides visibility in both low light and bright sunlight.
  • Simultaneously interface with multiple peripherals including printers and largecharacter remote displays.
  • Optional METTLER TOLEDO Drive-560 software supports basic one- and two-pass weighing and can store up to 100 truck IDs at a time.
  • Optional USB QWERTY keyboard interface permits fast and easy data entry.
  • Turn a truck scale into an accurate filling system: material transfer mode controls vehicle filling with less hardware.
  • Get the exact performance you need. TaskExpert™ programming tool enables the creation of custom applications.
  • Customize and store up to five print templates.
  • Approved alibi memory for non-corruptible accounting of all registered vehicles.
  • Four levels of security provide varied access to system and metrology setup.

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