• Indicator


  • Wacht-dog function installed for diagnostics
  • Data memory back up for over 10years
  • Front display window is coverd by lexan film for theprotecting of dust
  • Lock function for the protection of set-up mode
  • Automatiocally compensate for the falling error
  • Shield from noise by photo-coupler installed
  • Weight memory back up for up to 10years
  • 50 kind of parks number can be memorized
  • Can drive up to 8pcs load cell (350Ω)
OP01 Printer I/F :
Centronics Parallel
OP02 Analog Out : Vout (0~10V)
OP03 Analog Out : Iout (0~10mA)
OP04 Serial I/F : RS422, RS485
Model Hi-1200
Load Cell Exciation 10V DC±5%, 320mA
Input Sensitivity 0.45 ㎶/D
Zero Adjustment Range -0.6mA + 42.0mV
Combination of 6bit dip Switch
Input Voltage Max.32mV
Input Impedance 100MΩ (Min.)
Input Noise + 0.6 ㎶ p.p or LESS
A/D Converter Type : Dual Slope Type
Resolution : 1/65,000 Counts (16Bit)
Converting Speed : 20 times/sec.
Non-Linearity 0.01% of full scale
Temperature - Drift ZERO ± 20 PPM/℃
SPAN ± 20 PPM/℃
Display Update Rate 20 times/ sec.
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